How to Protect from electrical hazard

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Electricity is like a flame, it's a friend and foe, deending on how you control it. and keep it save. Here are some tips for protect your self from elecrical hazards.

Appliance Signs

If you have a home electrical appliance that frequently gives you shocks, trips a circuit breaker or blows a fuse, then you can be sure that a certain malfunction has happened. When an appliance gives these kind of signs, it’s not a coincidence. Unplug it and discontinue its use in order to prevent further malfunctions. Hire a professional electrician who will detect the malfunction and repair the appliance, making it safe again.

Keep Appliances Away From Water

Placing electrical appliances beside water or moisture is a bad idea. If an appliance somehow got in touch with water (you accidentally dropped it or it fell down), go to the panel board, find the corresponding circuit and shut off power. Otherwise, do not try to retrieve it from the water or unplug it, due to risk of electric shock that might be fatal to you. Once the appliance is away from water and thoroughly dried, call an electrician, who can see whether or not the appliance is safe for further use

Fix Your Wall Plates

Wall plates protect you from the contact with electrical wiring. If a wall plate is missing or broken, it can be very dangerous, especially in the dark. You may try to find and reach the light switch, but accidentally touch the wiring and get electrocuted or shocked.


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