Small tips colection from Bervin

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Today we will share some tips that we colected from bervin facebook page, if you not follow us yet, you can check it here and like it at this link.



Protect your smartphone when the rain comes

1. Always make sure you put your phone inside bag (or something similiar) that water resistant.

2. Use headset when call somebody.

3. If your phone is wet don't charge it, wait until you phone dry

4. Don't put your phone inside your pocket when rain comes


Easy ways to remove ink stain

1. Get some salicylic powder it usualy used for eliminate itching and prickly heat.

2. Clean your had using salicylic powder.

3. use lotion for dry skin


How to clean your laptop screen

1. Wrt your microfibre with small almount of water.

2. make sure you unplug our device.

3. Gently wipe your screen



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