Do you still believe this myth?

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Today we will share some myth that wrong about your smartphone, and of cource we will tell you the real one.

1. Not using the built-in charger is dangerous

The myth that charging should use the innate charger is not entirely correct.
As long as the port size is matched and not a fake charger that can be damaging


2. Waiting for 0% to charge

Battery Our Smartphone does not need to avoid the 'memory effect'
(the battery capacity is not appropriate because it fills haphazardly) because now the battery can prevent overcharge


3. Letting bluetooth & wifi turn on makes battery wasteful?

continue to turn on bluetooth & wifi will not drain the battery unless kept in use for data transfer


4. The bigger the megapixel camera, the better the image quality

Do not believe the bigger the megapixel means the picture quality is getting better!
because the quality depends on the lens, the sensor to the processor


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