Tips for "Extend" your electronic device lifespan.

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Maybe you've had an electronic device that broke when you just bought it for few months, even when you do not often use them. This can be affected by how we use or how we maintenance it. here is some tips that you can use to "extend" your electronoc device lifespan.


1. Stabilizer usage

Voltage electricity supplied by government to home or from diesel can not be 100% stable. Sometimes we will have a voltage that exceeds and sometimes less than we need, This unstable power si what accelerates the damage to your electronic equipment, you should use a stabilizer on your electronic equipment are important and are vulnerable to stress for example, computer equipment, etc..

2. Read The Manual

Se often do not read the instruction manual that existed at the time we purchased electronic equipment. but often the user guide has significance information about a product. Usualy in the user guide there is some information that you can use about a product that we buy.

3. Bad Electronic placement

Maybe you do not think the placement of electronics could be the thing that affects the performance of the equipment that we buy, but it is quite important for the equipment we buy, for example, if we buy a refrigerator, Should we use a stand refrigerator that can serve as an insulator in order to minimize electrical shock in damp and dusty place etc.

4. Use a good electric socket

The reason is almost the same as point number one, if we use loose socket it will ad risk that your electronic device will turn on and off continuously, and that what make it broken.


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