Tips to avoid buying fake Product

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there are lots of electronic brands in the market, Have you ever accidentally buy fake product? or even you are not aware that in fact you have purchased a fake product. This time we will share tips to distinguish fake and genuine product.


Turn It on and Off.

A fake electronic or replica looks very similar to the original, but almost all of them are not functioning properly. if you can't turn it on and off (all function), you're in trouble. you shouldn.t buy any electronic device that not working propperly. so check everything bevore you actualy buy it.

Note Spelling Mistakes

Since Fake electronics are circulating in countries that do not speak English, you can find spelling errors in boxes or storage containers. That could be a sign that something is wrong.Many electronic label affixed to an artificial person who is able to speak English and can not guarantee that they correct spelling in accordance with the original label.

Check Your Production Code

Production date codes that never existed or that did not match those listed in the box, then it's a sign that is a fake electronic products.

Considering your condition

Do not force yourself to buy electronic products if you do not have enough money and ended up buying the product in places that are not guaranteed quality.


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