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Do you had a plan tu buy a new refrigerator? we had some tips for you to choose the right refrigerator.

1. Volume

The first thing that must be considered is the question of capacity or volume of fridge space. choose a refrigerator that has a storage volume as needed. is better to choose a refrigerator with a large capacity. So that if in future our needs increase, then no longer need to buy a new refrigerator. However, we must also consider the issue of the budget funds we have.

2. Dimension

It's okay to buy a refrigerator with a large volume. However, please note also the problem of space or kitchen a place to put the refrigerator. The greater the volume of fridge space, the greater the dimensions of the refrigerator selurunya. not until the room was narrow and placed a jumbo-sized refrigerator. Of course it would damage the interior layout of your home, and at worst will make your home more and more crowded.

3. Quality

Useless had a nice refrigerator, but the body is rusty, the door hinges are easily damaged, especially the engine quickly dilapidated. Highly recommended choosing a refrigerator manufactured by reputable companies and well-known quality of its products. This will greatly minimize big loss for us.
In addition, the material carefully and materials used on the whole body of the refrigerator. When these materials are fairly well established and sturdiness Pre Coated Material (PCM). The advantages of this material is its resistance to rust, scratch-resistant, strong, and has a contour that is slick and shiny. Or you can also choose a refrigerator with other types of body material, provided that quality and quality can not be separated from corrosion, scratch-resistant, sturdy, and so on.

4. Teknologi Pendingin

Generally, a refrigerator sold in the market each have a label in the form of pictures of the 'star'. The label usually can be seen on the upper right to the refrigerator door. There is a refrigerator with a star image consists of 3 pieces, and there are up to 5 pieces. That number has a special definition of the cooling technology promoted by related fridge.
For label fridge with 3 stars, it shows that the cooling capability that is offered at -150 ° C.
As for the refrigerator labeled 5 states that are able to produce the maximum temperature reached -210 ° C.

5. After Sale Service

This is important because this is where a manufacturer of electronic goods can we value. when buying a refrigerator get clear information from the warranty. service centers as well as other things that support your electronic device later after you buy. do not let us buy things that do not have a good after sales service.


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