Refrigerator Initial Use (Tips)

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Refrigerator is now a secondary or even primary requirement for some people, but do you know how to maitenance your the refrigerator?. This time we will give you some tips for maintenance (cleaning) for your refrigerator that you can try right now.

  • Thoroughly Clean your fridge from dust
  • Replace Fittings Shelves, drawers and other equipment
  • Avoid humid places or exposed to direct sun
  • Give a distance of 2.5 cm or more from the wall, a distance of 25 cm or more from the top, and at least 2.5 cm from the floor.
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  • 6. Preferably refrigerator electrical connection through a single outlet.
  • When first used, turn the thermostat on position 1.
  • Allow your refrigerator to operate without load for 2-3 hours to stabilize the operating temperature.
  • If the operation is interrupted / disconnected because electricity then wait 5 minutes before you restart.

Those are some simple tips you can try to use your Refrigerators, good luck


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