Thinks We Can Use Before We Toss

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Today recycle is not a new idea but still a lot of people agree that we shoud do that often. here is some suggestion that you can do it at home

1. Dry Cleaning Bag

Use to pack suits, dresses and fine clothing when traveling, this will help protect it from wrinkles when packing. When storing the bags make sure to keep them safely out of reach of children, they really are that dangerous.

2. Used Envelpoes

Cut a corner off envelopes and use as bookmark corner sleeves–just slide one over the page you are at and you’ll find your place easily the next time you pick up the book. No more folded corners and nice way to utilize used envelopes! You can also use envelopes for To Do lists, store garden seeds, and as bookmarks and labels.

3. Tissues Box

Once they’re empty you can use these as a plastic bag dispenser, just fill with grocery bags and you’ll be able to neatly pull out one at a time.

4. Paper Towel Cardboard Rolls

Use to wrap extension cords, Christmas lights (keep untangled).

5. Newspaper

Line kitty litter boxes for easy cleanup (top with kitty litter), protect work surfaces from crafts & interior paint jobs, giftwrap, use as packing material when moving or shipping.


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