What is 3D Printer

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Today we already know there is a lot of 3d printer device that we can use, but some people maybe stil not familliar with this printer. here is some information that maybe can help you to know more about 3d Printer

How it Works

3D printers deposit material layer by layer to create a solid object.
Because objects are constructed in layers from the ground up, the process is also known as additive manufacturing.
Plastic is currently the most common "ink," but others in use include ceramics, metal, sand, sugar and chocolate.

Revolutionize almost everything

Maybe when we need to buy toothbrush if we have 3d printing we doesn't need to buy toth brush, we just need to print our tooth brush.
with design that we already buy.


In theory 3d printer is only household product that can printed any subject, incuding house itself.
In Amsterdam, a group of architects have built a 3D printer so big it's encased in the carcass of a shipping container.
The "KamerMaker" prints large Lego-like structures, made from recycled plastic, which will form the building blocks of a full-size canal house.

That is some information that maybe can make us more familiar with 3D printer.




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