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We had some simple tips that you can try right now. this tips taken from our facebook page. here is ome of the tips.

Dust can damage your computer?

Dust can damage the computer ? according to various sources of dust does not actually make the PC is damaged / become slow ,
it's just going to make the fan / winds could not functioning optimally and some types of dust that can corrode the metal .


Eliminating mosquito hiding places

Get used to store clothes neatly as if the clothes hanging. a mess like this may be hiding places for mosquitoes


Changing auto update on Smartphone

auto update of some of the applications installed internet quota was taking quite a lot. Open Play Store and search applications that are already installed
and open each and click the icon to the top right corner and then uncheck 'auto - update'


Benefits of water

Water does have a drug -like effect . Water can wash digestion , cleaning the teeth and mouth , increase energy ,
and can lower blood pressure and all this without any side effects . So , drink your water

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