Bervin Multifunction Stand BOS-200

Product Code: BOS-200
Availability: In Stock
Price: Rp. 330,000
Dimensions: 800mm X 760mm X 120mm (LxWxH)
BOS - 200

  • 3 Step Bumper Adjustable Model
  • Max. Load : 150 Kg.
  • Product Dimension : 620 x 570 x 120 mm
  • Compatibility Size :
         - length : 360 mm - 835 mm
         - width : 110 mm - 535 mm
  • Compatibility Size square :
         - length : 190 mm - 652 mm
         - width : 275 mm - 715 mm
  • Product Compatibility :
         - Front Load Washer up to 14 kg
         - Fully automatic Washer up to 15 kg
         - Showcase up to 300 L

360° Wheels

Wheels designed to be able to move to all direction. Make it easier to move product anywhere

Rib Structure

Elastic and strong plastic material. Able to last up to 20 years. Supported with special. Supported by a structure designed specifically to withstand heavy loads up to 150 kg

Extra Safe

Rounded corner that make it safe for your childern. Equiped with anti-slip rubber that add stability to your machine.


Can be adjusted into square or rectangular shape and adjusted to your refigerator or washer size

Built in Bubble Level

An instrument designed to indicate whether a surface is flat Make sure your refigerator or your washer at perfect and flat position

Adjuster Height
Rubber Base

Make your washing machine remains flat even though the floor occupied by the oblique, minimize vibration and ensure washer does not shift.


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